CrossFit Mt Juliet | Row handstand walk
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Row handstand walk

11 Mar Row handstand walk

CrossFit Mt Juliet – CrossFit

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WOD like no one’s watching. Row like you’ve never been hurt

Mobility/Warm Up

Trap Scrub

Super Front Rack

Wrist Stretches

30 sec Downward Dog

10 Cals

8 Shoulder Taps

6 Empty Bar Hang Power Cleans

4 Hindu Push Ups

2 Inverted Burpee


3-position Power Clean (6×1[1,1,1,1])

With the barbell beginning on the floor, rise below knee pause for 3 sec., then above knee for 3 sec., and to high thigh for 3 sec. then finish in power position

Build in Sets

Unbroken Power Cleans (3×10)

10 Unbroken Power Cleans

*build in 3 sets
Every 1:45


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Time

20/15 Cal Row

25′ HSW

-Rest 2:00

3 Rounds for Time

20/15 Cal Row

25′ HSW


Metcon (No Measure)

5 Sets

:30 sec wall sits

-Rest 0:30 b/t sets

5 Sets

:30 sec Hollow hold

-Rest 0:30 b/t sets

Post Workout Mobility

Banded Lateral Opener

Spiderman Stretch

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