CrossFit Mt Juliet | FAQ
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Do we workout alone?
No, the most important aspect of what we do here at CrossFit Mt Juliet is to provide instruction and coaching to our athletes. Every class is led by one of our CrossFit Level 1 Trainers and the whole class goes through a structured Warm Up/Mobility, WOD (Workout of the Day), and Post WOD Mobility together. This structure allows us to ensure good, safe movement and to scale movements and workouts according to each athlete’s fitness and experience level. Movement faults are often corrected prior to the workout and the coaches continue to cue correct movement during the workout.

CrossFit looks too hard. Do you really think I can do it?
Emphatically, YES!! One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable. That means workouts can be adjusted to meet the fitness and experience level of any athlete. We can reduce (or increase for the super-fit) the weights used, the number of repetitions, or the amount of time. We can even substitute a movement that creates a similar stimulus but is appropriate for that particular athlete. CrossFit truly is for everyone and our membership runs the gamut of fitness levels from some very fit people to some people who were completely deconditioned when they first joined. The best part is that, no matter where they started, they have all increased their fitness during the time here.

Do you offer child care?
Yes.  FREE Child care is currently available at our 8:30am, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm classes during the week. It is also available on Saturdays at our Free Saturday WOD at 8:30am and Open Gym at 10:00am.  We are open to expanding/adjusting this based on demand.

What is CrossFit? What makes it different from everything else?
We go to pretty great lengths to explain this here on our What is CrossFit? page.

Why is CrossFit so expensive?
If you break down the numbers, CrossFit Mt Juliet is not really much, if any, more expensive than any other small group fitness classes that you will find in the area. That said, even if it were a few dollars more, it is completely worth it. The benefits of a membership at CrossFit Mt Juliet are nearly unlimited, but we will list just a few below so you get an idea of the value that our athletes receive for their money.

  • Unlimited class attendance.
  • Small group classes provide athletes with both detailed instruction and supervision as well as friendly competition and positive encouragement from the rest of the class.
  • Training on basic functional movements – the movements we train at CrossFit Mt Juliet are applicable to life outside the gym which makes them more useful and valuable than standard gym exercises.
  • Sense of community – CrossFit Mt Juliet’s members are truly a wonderful group of people and we focus on building and enhancing that community all of the time.  In addition to fitness-related events outside the gym, like hikes in the local parks, we also perform charity events for worthwhile causes in an attempt to further enhance our community and give back to the larger community in which we live.
  • Mobility – one of the most overlooked aspects of strength and fitness is mobility and this is one of our strong suits.  Just think, it does not matter how “strong” your muscles are if you cannot get them into the most advantageous position to accomplish whatever movement you are attempting.  Most Americans have some significant mobility issues and we spend between 8 and 16 minutes specifically improving our athletes’ mobility every class.  Although this is often cited as one the biggest benefits of being a member of CrossFit Mt Juliet, most of our athletes did not even know or care they were restricted until they joined us and saw improvements in this area.
  • Nutrition – although we are not fanatical about it, we understand that nutrition is hugely important to people’s fitness and health.  We also know that nutrition has a greater impact on body composition and body image than anything else.  So, without pushing too hard, we provide our athletes sound nutrition advice and are willing to work with them to help them improve their eating habits.
  • It works!!

 Isn’t CrossFit dangerous?
CrossFit is no more or less dangerous than any other fitness program.  CrossFit has grown very rapidly in recent years and has been extremely successful.  People often look for ways to diminish success in others, so there is a rush to report negative stories about CrossFit whenever possible.  Just because there is not a story in the newspaper or on the web that says that people are getting injured in traditional gyms, does not mean it is not happening.  If CrossFit is performed under well supervised conditions with coaches who know what they are doing and are able to apply common sense (like at CrossFit Mt Juliet), it is just as safe as any other fitness activity.  As a matter of fact, we would say that it is safer because every class is coached.  We believe it is safer to deadlift heavy under the watchful eye of one of our coaches than it is to do anything on your own in a gym.

 I am out of shape. How can I prepare for CrossFit?
The short answer: you can’t. You are likely not going to replicate the variety and intensity that you will experience in our gym, so you will have a very hard time preparing for CrossFit.That said, we have designed our Foundations course to ease you into CrossFit and gradually expose you to the intensity. Even Foundations can be and is scaled on a regular basis to meet the needs of individual athletes. The best way to get in shape is to come in and CrossFit! We have had several athletes tell us that they waited to join in order to “get ready” and wish they had just joined sooner.

Do I have to come to the same class every day?
No.  After graduating from Foundations (during which you do have to attend a specific class time for that month), you can sign up for and attend any class that you want.  We have a wide variety of class times that can accommodate almost any schedule.  Click hereto see our schedule.

What does a membership include?
• Unlimited class attendance
• Professional coaching at every class
• Workouts and movements scaled to each individual’s experience and fitness level
• Flexible class schedule – click here for schedule
• Increased mobility
• Nutrition advice
• Sense of belonging to an outstanding community of wonderful people
• Results – you WILL increase your fitness if you come regularly and work hard while you are here

Do I have to sign a contract?
No.  We do not require a long-term contract.  Membership is billed automatically month-to-month, but can be cancelled at any time.  If members decide to cancel, they just need to notify us by e-mail or phone prior to the first of the month so that they are not charged for the next month.