CrossFit Mt Juliet | Push Press
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Push Press

10 Mar Push Press

CrossFit Mt Juliet – CrossFit

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Warm Up/Mobility

OH Tissue Smash

T-Spine Smash

10 Banded

Good Morning

High Pull

Pull Apart

Pull Down

3 rds

8 cals

4 DB Strict Press

6 DB Push Press

8 DB Front Squat


Push Press (3×5)



Metcon (Time)

25 Push Press (95/65)

Immediately into:

7 Rounds

10/8 Cals row

12 Wall Ball G2O

finish with

25 Push Press (95/65)


Metcon (Weight)

3 Quality Sets

12 Tempo Strict Toes to Bars

12 Tempo DB Bent Over Row (Heavy)

12 Tempo Floor Press (heavy)
Tempo for all mvmts is [1,1,1,1]

DB is as Heavy as possible. Can use different DB weights for Row and Floor press

Post Workout Mobility

Childs Pose w/ Triceps stretch

Pigeon Pose

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