CrossFit Mt Juliet | 12/04/2019
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04 Dec 12/04/2019

CrossFit Mt Juliet – CrossFit

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Gotta feed the meter

Warm Up/Mobility

Glute Smash

Quad Smash

20 Jumping Jacks


Floor Scoop

Quad Stretch

FIgure 4 Pull

Burpee Broad Jump

Power Skip

Butt Kickers

20 Mountain Climbers


Metcon (Distance)

Crossfit Main Site WOD 191201

On a 25 min clock, 5 rounds of

Row for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Row for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds

Row for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds

Row for 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds

Row for 10 seconds, rest 50 seconds

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Optional Gymnastics


1 Strict Pull Up

1 Ring Dip (Scale to Tempo Box Dips 4 second descent)

each round add a rep

Post Workout Mobility

Banded Posterior Chain

Pigeon Pose

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