CrossFit Mt Juliet | 11/07/2019
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07 Nov 11/07/2019

CrossFit Mt Juliet – CrossFit

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Dixie Flesher, current 1K SkiErg World Record holder for the female 17-18 age group, in action during last year’s SkiErg World Sprints. Dixie set her world record time of 3:44.1 during last year’s Sprints.

Warm Up/Mobility

Super Front Rack

T-Spine Smash

10 Jump Squats


Spiderman W/ twist


Quad Stretch

Burpee Broad Jump

Power Skip

Bear Crawl

10 Jump Squats


Have a coach set up the SkiErg to count down from 1000 meters

1K Ski (Time)

1,000m For Time

Metcon (No Measure)

1 Min for max reps or seconds

Go in any order, rest 1 min in between each station

3 rounds at each station

Rope Climbs

Sandbag or Med Ball ground to over shoulder

GHD (scale to hollow body hold)

Wall Sit

Post Workout Mobility

Classic Tricep and Lat Stretch

Seal Stretch

Summit Accessory

Metcon (No Measure)


Recovery Bike

3 rounds for quality:

3:00 Bike*

20 GHD Sit-Ups
*each round, increase the pace on the bike each minute (min 1 = light, min 2 = moderate, min 3 = fast)

Metcon (No Measure)

M & G

For quality:

200m Run

21 CTB Pull-Ups

21 Burpees

200m Run

21 cal Row

200m Run

15 CTB Pull-Ups

15 Burpees

200m Run

15 cal Row

200m Run

9 CTB Pull-Ups

9 Burpees

200m Run

9 cal Row

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