CrossFit Mt Juliet | 1/9/18
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09 Jan 1/9/18

CrossFit Mt Juliet – CrossFit

Cake baker, wall baller, rump shaker, body scholar. #frostedbyamandatn


Side Hip Smash

Adductor Smash

Complete in any order:

15 Cal Bike or Ski

10 Jumping Squats

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Burpees


Metcon (Time)


Wall Ball 20/14

Box Jump 24/20

Metcon (No Measure)

Lactate Clearance

8 min EMOM:

0:15 max HSPU (DB Press)

0:45 slow PVC Press

Post Workout Mobility

Couch Stretch

Single Leg Flexion w/ ER (spiderman)

Summit Accessory

Back Squat (8 x 3 (75%))

Metcon (No Measure)

Barbell Cycling: Clean & Jerk

5 min EMOM (each set for time):

3 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk (65% of 1RM Clean & Jerk)
*note time to complete each round; this will give you a rough idea on how long cycling this movement and loading will take

**attempt to experiment with touch and go reps vs. singles on the cleans

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